New diabetes medication helps weight loss – Tirzepatide


Exciting new diabetes medication helps weight loss – Tirzepatide.

An exciting new weight loss medication for people with Type 2 diabetes may help everyone.

Tirzepatide is a new medication recently approved by the food and drug administration. It’s sold under the brand name Mounjaro and it looks very promising.

The New England Journal of Medicine is a well-respected publication. According to a recent study published by them, a weekly dose may help people lose weight. This includes people who don’t have diabetes1

This drug helps people, whose doctors considered them to be at a heavier weight, lose 35-52 pounds! This was over a short period of time as well.

Of course in reality, outside of a study, we should expect that results will vary from person to person.

“Almost 40% of individuals lost a quarter of their body weight.” This was according to Dr. Ania Jastreboff, co-author of this study. She is also the co-director of the Yale Center for Weight Management. H/T CNN 

This new study and medication are so exciting.

This level of weight loss is beyond what we could expect before, without having surgery! 

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People with Diabetes in the study lost almost the same amount of weight as those who don’t have diabetes1

Weight-loss medications are generally less effective for people with diabetes. Doctors have no easy answers for why this is.

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New diabetes medication helps weight loss – Tirzepatide

In this study, the people with diabetes lost weight almost as well as the people who don’t have diabetes! This is new!

Would you like to lose 15% off of your starting weight? That’s what the people using Tirzepatide were able to do.

We know that with Type 2 diabetes losing weight will help. Losing weight brings down blood glucose levels and lowers A1c.

Losing weight is also associated with decreased risk of all disease-related issues.

You can inject this drug at home by yourself. It’s only once per week. It will not only help you lose weight but also save many trips to the doctor.

The injection uses a tiny needle. This seems to be even less painful than the usual glucose testing needle.

Remember the study didn’t only provide Tirzepatide. The study provided guidance for eating a healthy diet and counseling sessions. Study participants were also encouraged to increase their exercise levels.2

We know that some of these more common interventions will lead to some weight loss. The impressive amount of weight loss in this study was due to the medication.

There were some side effects. The most common were digestive distress (constipation, nausea, and diarrhea.) Very few participants reported these.

If you have a family history of certain thyroid diseases you may not be able to use Mounjaro. Please discuss with your doctor if this new medication might be helpful for you.

This study is an exciting step toward helping people lose weight! It’s very promising for people who have diabetes and also for those who don’t.

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