Curation Policy

We take curation seriously here at

Linking, recommending great stories, and sharing, are the foundations of the internet. When content is great it deserves to be broadcasted.

When we find interesting, engaging, and well-written articles we want to share those with our audience. There are many uniquely appropriate articles for our readers specifically and we want to make sure they don’t miss them.

If you’ve got an article we’ve chosen, you have our seal of approval. We’ve given you the highest recommendation and also given the excerpt to our readers, so we are going to give your article every chance to be seen on your website.

Our goal with curation is to give credit where it’s due and send readers to your website.

We recognize that your article can not be improved upon and we’ve referenced it with credit given.

You may contact us at any time and ask us not to reference your story. We will take it down immediately.

If you do not wish for excerps from your articles to be shared we will add you to our list of resources not to share from. Your request will be acted upon as soon as possible.

For the most part publishers and authors write us to let us know they are delighted with the additional exposure and increased readership for their stories connected with our curation.


the majority of authors and publishers appreciate their works being

  • commented on
  • quoted
  • discussed
  • shared
  • debated
  • discussed
  • linked to
  • new readers encouraged to go to the original site

All sharing increased the reach of published works. It gives the stories a broader audience and increases the opportunity for sharing the message and creating more profit.