What Can I Snack on With Type 2 Diabetes?


What are some good snacks for Type 2 Diabetics? 

Just because we have Type 2 diabetes doesn’t mean we never need a snack! It does make choosing healthy snacks a lot harder.

Should we snack between meals? 

The best answer is NO. 

One of the ways we can improve our blood sugar is to fast between meals. This gives our body a chance to use up the glucose from the last meal before we add more. Snacking can keep our blood glucose levels high. 

But, we’re still human for heaven’s sake. There are plenty of times we need to have healthy snacks available. 

Here’s a list of times I didn’t have healthy snacks and was sorry later:

Going to the movies

Going to the beach

Visiting the DMV

Any appointment that can take hours longer than anticipated

Driving my kids to practice

Going shopping while hungry (gets expensive fast)

Attending family events

Visiting with friends

Almost anytime


My kids used to tease me about having a bag of cooked bacon in my purse. Now that they are older…guess whose daughter carries healthy snacks everywhere? My daughter does! They do watch and learn from our examples. 

What’s The Best Soda For Type 2 Diabetes

What should I look for in a snack? What can I snack on with Type 2 Diabetes? 

Snacks should be low in carbohydrates and sugar. Smack should also be high in protein and fiber. Having some healthy fats with your snack will help you feel fuller longer. Fats are the last thing to digest. They are also very healthy for you.

Cooked bacon

Hard-boiled eggs

Pickles (fermented are best)

Greek yogurt and berries


Tuna salad

Veggies and hummus


Avocado slices or guacamole

Beef sticks

A roll-up sandwich with sandwich meat instead of bread

Bean salad

Veggies and nut butter

Low carb energy bites

A berry smoothie with protein powder and avocado

When I make dinner I always make enough that I can have leftovers the next day. I’m happy to snack on steak or chicken for a snack. I wasn’t always this way.

My body used to cry out for sugar. I had out-of-control cravings. My energy was dependent on eating a constant sugar supply. This is likely where Type 2 diabetes came from.

One of the main problems was I started my day with a traditional American breakfast. I gave my body way more sugar than it could handle first thing in the morning. Then my energy would crash, so I needed more sugar. Over and over, all day long I suffered with this. 

Check out our article here about breakfast: What’s for breakfast when you have Type 2 Diabetes?

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