Does Covid-19 Cause Type 2 Diabetes?


I’ve read that Covid-19 causes Type 2 Diabetes?

It looks like it might!

Do those who get Covid-19 have an increased risk of developing diabetes?

A study in 2021 shows that they do. This can develop after a light case of SARS-CoV-21. It can also happen any time up to a year after a Covid-19 infection.

The study looked at both people who got the virus, and people who didn’t. Those who did get Covid-19 have an increased risk of getting diabetes up to a year later.

The severity of their original infection did not lower this risk.

Al-Aly was one of the researchers in this study. They said, “Even people who had mild infections and no previous risk factors for diabetes had increased odds of developing the chronic condition.” H/T Nature

The risk doubled for people with a high body-mass index. These people already have an increased risk factor for type 2 diabetes.

One interesting thing was that those with the most severe cases have increased risk. The worse the infection, the more likely that diabetes may occur.

The group studied were older United States Veterans. They may have had pre-existing conditions that were not yet diagnosed. This makes the study a bit inconclusive.

In March of this year, a study published in Germany has interesting information. It said that patients who had a mild case are 28% more likely to develop diabetes. They were compared to a group that had upper respiratory infections2.

Do people with mild Covid-19 cases get diabetes more often than those with lung infections?


Is the research complete?

All we can do is stay current on the research and be aware of the findings. These are bound to shift and contradict each other from time to time.

Diabetes is rampant in the world right now, in the US especially. It’s expected to grow at 3 times its current rate by 2050.

The worst news is that diabetes of all types is killing about seven million people per year. Thich equates to about one person every five seconds.

Any information about why this is happening and how we can reverse it is helpful.

Yes, many people have developed Type 2 Diabetes after a positive Covid-19 infection. We should remember though, that the studies look at data from databases. Not exactly data on people.

What does that mean?

It means we need more research. That’s the only way we can figure out the reasons that the data is showing an increase in Type 2 Diabetes.

We need more research that shows similar findings. Until we have that, we’re still guessing at the reasons. Only time and more data will help us navigate this information.

Regardless of what the studies say, we know that you being in the best possible health is important. This gives you a shot at resilience through whatever challenges arise.

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  1. Xie, Y. & Al-Aly, Z. Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol. (2022).

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