About Dr. Harlan Kilstein

Hi, I’m Dr. Harlan Kilstein.

I received my Doctorate in Education from Azrieli Graduate School. I’ve completed post-graduate work at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. 

I have a large following on social media and am an expert on the Ketogenic Diet. I have instituted Keto and Diabetes coaching educational certifications, and I am devoted to helping people get the results they wish. 

On social media over one-million followers seek out my expert advice each year. 

Harlan created the Completely Keto website to help others follow a keto lifestyle, and later developed Speed Keto to help people lose weight quickly.

Speed Keto is based on the idea that you can achieve ketosis quickly by following a specific set of guidelines.

He found the energy around his Facebook group of over 1 million members to be educational.

He spends a lot of time being active on the Facebook community. This is how he learns what his consumers need and how he can give it to them.

Speed Keto is a group of people who have all come together to discuss the keto diet and answer any questions or concerns that people may have.

That’s what he was hoping to achieve with both Completely Keto and Speed Keto.

Dr. Kilstein is ecstatic to now bring his knowledge to the world of pre and Type 2 Diabetes.

Every day on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Reddit, etc, you will find me helping people. 

Start here to learn more about how you can put your Type 2 Diabetes into remission.