7 Tips to Reverse Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes  – Part 1


In this article, we cover 7 tips to reverse Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes.

This is Part 1. Make sure to read to the end to click on part 2! 

In a person with Type 2 Diabetes, the body’s cells do not react to insulin in the way they should. Blood sugar levels become excessively high. This eventually leads to complications such as nerve damage, kidney failure, blindness, and amputation.

We have an article HERE on how to lower your A1C if you are having trouble with this. 

Let’s say you eat carbohydrates like bread, cereals, pasta, fruits, starchy vegetables, and dairy. Yes, dairy products contain sugars! The body breaks these carbohydrates down into individual single sugars. 

These 7 tips to reverse your Prediabetes or Type 2 Diabetes…

will involve reducing or removing many of the typical carbohydrates that you are used to eating.

Tip #1: Stop Eating All Processed Foods – Eat Real Food

People with diabetes have a hard time keeping their blood sugar levels within a normal range. When their glucose levels rise, their blood will often become “too sweet”.

Blood sugar that you measure with your finger prick or continuous glucose monitor comes from 2 places. The first is from the food that you eat. The second is from your liver.

You can’t directly control the amount of sugar your liver makes, but you can control the foods you eat. If you cut back on high-sugar foods, like sweets, chocolates, sodas, and juices, then your blood sugar levels will drop.

When your digestive system has to digest foods that you chew, which are most real foods, your blood sugar will usually rise more slowly. This is better.

The best hint I ever heard was this:

When you go grocery shopping, only buy things in the outer aisles. There is nothing you need on the inner aisles usually. This means vegetables, fruits, eggs, meats, seafood, and maybe cheeses. That’s it.

Your body deserves to eat nutritious foods that it can absorb slowly, and that nourish you. The majority of the foods in the inner aisles of the grocery store are highly processed and an absolute blood sugar disaster.

Tip #2 of 7 tips to reverse your prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes: Ditch the Sweetened Drinks –

See our article HERE about this. Drinking only 3 sweetened beverages a week has put people on the path to insulin resistance. You do not want to be insulin resistant.  Most people in the world drink far more than 3 sweetened beverages a week!

Tip #3: Drink More Water –

Yes, we know. Drinking plain water is not what most people like to do anymore. And it’s still the healthiest option for people with Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes.

Drinking water is one of the simplest and most effective ways to help reverse prediabetes and prevent type 2 diabetes. Water is also an excellent substitute for sodas and fruit juices. These types of beverages are often high in sugar. This contributes to poor blood glucose control. We wrote an article with some helpful ideas for you here.

Tip #4: Lower the number of carbohydrates you eat

This will make the biggest difference in your overall health. For some reason, most dietitians and diabetes doctors still recommend very high levels of carbohydrates to people with prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. Your body will heal faster when you avoid carbohydrates. You can have small quantities of whole-food carbs, like cooked squashes and berries. However, always check your blood sugar levels to see how you respond to even these foods. 

We have 3 more tips for you on how to reverse your prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes.

Click here to read Tip # 5! 

Click here to read Tips #6 and #7!



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